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QMS210i is a sophisticated system using state-of-the-art technology in queue management systems. A built-in real-time embedded processor provides wireless capability and Internet connectivity.



The web-based technology used in QMS210i provides real-time queue information through standard web browsers. Queue status information such as waiting time and number of people waiting may be accessed via LAN or the Internet.



Each counter is equipped with a portable wireless keypad, eliminating messy cables.



QMS210i supports multiple services. Each service can be configured as a priority, primary or secondary service. The ticket number range for each service is also programmable.



Queue tickets may be printed in single or two parts. A two-part ticket is useful when documents provided by the customer must be processed before the customer can be served.



Queue data and summary reports can be printed using the ticket printer at a preset time daily or as and when needed.



Each call can be accompanied by a voice announcement when the optional voice module is installed. This provides a cordial and efficient way of serving customers. Customization for different languages is possible.



QMS210i can be programmed to start and end operation at the required time daily. It also supports 24-hour operation which makes it unnecessary to shut down the system daily.



Ordinary thermal paper rolls readily available from the open market are used instead of costly specially perforated rolls which are available only from specific vendors. The advantages are low operating cost, multiple sources of supply and flexible ticket sizes.


GRAPHICAL REPORTS Queue data can be uploaded to a PC for permanent storage and further analysis. Comprehensive daily and monthly statistical reports and analysis are available. These reports are invaluable for performance monitoring and staff appraisal.


RELIABLE OPERATION  Internal battery backup of queue data protects against sudden power failure. System operation can resume automatically after power recovery.

 UPGRADABLE QMS210i is compatible with all QMS products. It may be upgraded to higher, more sophisticated systems such as QMS300i when necessary.


QMS250i is a cost effective computerised ticket queue system designed to manage customer queues at service counters or rooms. It is used by banks, hospitals, clinics, government service centres and utility bill payment counters.



By issuing queue tickets to customers, QMS250i eliminates the need for customers to physically stand in line while waiting to be served. When it is a customer’s turn, his ticket number will be displayed on the Main Display and Counter Display as well as being announced in voice.



QMS250i supports up to 4 different services, each of which has a different series of ticket numbers. Service counters can be programmed to serve one or more services. Services can be defined as priority, primary or secondary. Customers are served on a first-come-first-served basis within a category.



A lapsed number may be stored and automatically recalled later. The transfer feature allows a customer to visit two or more counters one after another with a single queue ticket.



Daily summary reports are automatically printed on the Ticket Printer. Queue data can be retrieved at any time to print the daily or monthly statistical reports and analysis which are useful to managers in future planning, staff appraisal, etc.



The system is equipped with a Voice Module which automatically announces each call in voice. This feature provides a cordial and efficient way of serving customers.



QMS50i may be easily upgraded to the more sophisticated QMS300i system by merely replacing the queue processor with a Supervisor Terminal.



Beeping for long waiting time

Beeping for new customer arrival

Manual calling

Checking queue length

Limiting number of tickets issued per day for each service

Low running cost

Advertisement on ticket

DG100 is a highly sophisticated DGcaller which supports multiple services and counters. This is the ideal solution for establishments which require a full solution for complex queue management, but which do not require statistical reports and analysis. A single service may be called from a single dedicated counter or several counters, and the calling of queue numbers can be done in sequence or randomly. Thus a high degree of flexibility in service is offered by the system. DG100 is suitable for bank branches, clinics, hospitals, government offices and utility bill payment counters.



Slim and battery-operated remote control

Multiple service and counter support

Support multiple systems through programmable remote control ID

Programmable ticket range

Automatic or manual reset to starting turn number

Basic functions: Next, Recall, Random Call, Store, View Store and Remove Stored Number

2- or 3-digit LED display with electronic chime

  • Features
  •   Integrated multifunction Queue Processor
  •   Fully web based solutions
  •   Licence free web based counter terminal
  •   Wireless support
  •   Multilanguage support
  •   Dashboard status views
  •  Basic display content management
  •   Branch-headquarters network support
  •   Unlimited services
  •   Alphanumeric ticket numbers
  •   Multiple service priority
QMS500i is the state of the art queue management system, 
incorporating advanced embedded system technologies. It 
features an integrated Queue Processor, inter-connects with 
other queue devices using standard LAN or wireless LAN. The 
system also provides backward compatibility with some legacy 
QMS devices that operate on RS485 serial bus.
Some of the new system features are:
 Integrated Design  The Queue Processor has integrated touch 
screen and thermal ticket printer, housed in one enclosure. It also 
incorporates audio amplifier to support voice announcement 
through external speakers. The integrated design offers space 
and cost savings.
 Web Base Management Solutions System monitoring, 
reporting, setup and control can be performed remotely using 
standard web browser. Web interface also offers ease of use and 
reduce learning curve. 
 Web Counter Terminal Staff PC can be readily turned into a 
calling terminal to serve the customer without any software 
installation. This simplifies deployment and reduce IT works. 
 Wireless Technology Integrated WiFi technology helps to 
minimize cabling and thus installation costs. It comes in handy 
when it is impossible to lay cable, especially on existing site.
 Dashboard Views Allow key performance parameters to be 
monitored easily in real time.


Product Overview DG340

DG340 is an entry level Queue System. DG340 is ideal for displaying queue number on service counters or rooms such as in hospitals, clinics and service centers.

DG340 is compact and easy to use. The staff at service counter simply presses 3 digit numbers and the numbers will display on the 7-segment LED display. Digits are 100mm (4 inches) in height to provide good readability. 



  • Random Call
    • Call a specific queue number by pressing the numeric keypad.
    • This is very useful in hospitals and clinics where the patient's queue number is attached to the medical record in the consultation's room.
  • Recall
    • Simply press the Recall button, the Counter Display will repeat calling the sa
      me queue number.
    • This is used when the customer/patient did not turn up when the queue number is called.
    • It is recommended to Recall the same queue number at least twice before proceeding to the next queue number.
  • Next Call
    • Pressing the Next button will call the queue number in sequence.
    • The queue number on the display will automatically increment by 1.
  • Alert Chime
    • Each time a queue number is called and displayed on the Counter Display, a chime tone will be played to attract customer's attention.


Technical Specifications


No. of Digits16
Digit Size7 mm high
Display TypeLCD
No. of Keys31
Casingmoulded plastic
Dimension133 (L) x 90 (W) x 28 (H) mm



No. of Digits3
Digit Size100 mm high
Display Type7-Segment LED
FrameChromed Aluminium
Audio OutputChime
Dimension310 (L) x 161 (W) x 35 (H) mm